Project Structure

Project Structure and Work Packages within the RAIN project

Working Packages

WP1: Innovative Services

The aim of this research project is to deploy sustainable and innovative technologies and services. On the one hand, this requires the research and collection of a large number of data, such as hydrological and meteorological data or historical data on floods and drought. Another important aspect is the selection of pilot areas. This will be discussed intensively with the German and Ghanaian project partners on the basis of already identified criteria, with the participation of political and administrative actors. Urban and rural pilot areas affected by drought and flooding will be studied. After that, flood and drought forecasting models and water balance models for the pilot areas are created, which focus on the prevention of natural disasters (floods, droughts), on the management of the water cycle and on the treatment and supply of water for various purposes. These models contribute to a so-called end-to-end solution, that includes a web-based application and an integrated water management strategy.